Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions takes pride in the ability to customize linear motion systems for just about any application. The linear actuator and lead screw assemblies pictured are just a few examples of the thousands of unique systems designed and manufactured.

Consider the offering of standard products on the Haydon Kerk website as a "starting point".  After getting an understanding of the base-model products that we offer, you can work with the Haydon Kerk engineers to create a system that can incorporate features as simple as a special wire harness assembly to a complete motion subassembly that can replace multiple individual parts in the final machine.  

After browsing the website, you can get started with your basic design through the 2D/3D CAD Model Downloads tool.  This allows you to configure and download a file that can be incorporated directly into your CAD system.  Another feature is our online prototype ordering program that guarantees a part to ship within 24 hours.  This is ideal for fast turnaround of parts for initial system design and prototyping.

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